ENF™ is a new standard for the E-Discovery industry. A file architecture to deliver document productions without the intervention, time and cost of converting native files into TIFF or PDF renderings. By using an Encapsulated Native File, electronic productions can consist of single unit, self-contained objects. ENF™ files use industry standard AES encryption methodologies, to allow multiple "permissions passwords" for a single file, giving the provider control over what the recipient is able to do with the ENF™ file (view, print, export, etc.) Rather then using the traditional (30 year old) labor intensive method of transforming today's 3-dimensional documents into 2-dimensional page renderings - ENF™ retains the native file in a secure environment. With the makeENF™ and viewENF™ applications, the E-Discovery industry can finally realize the full potential of native file productions, and reduce the enormous cost and burden of producing electronic documents. The architecture of ENF™ can be licensed and integrated into existing production and review tool platforms, further broadening their appeal to corporations, law firms, and the legal community.

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